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When you want to be part of the Kia experience but don’t know where to begin, search for Kia lease deals and follow the results to Car Town Kia Florence. Our dealership has hundreds of Kia cars available for you to choose from. Our team of financial professionals are on alert to get you into the driver’s seat of the one you want.

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What Are Some Benefits to a Kia Lease Deal?

As you'll see linked to on this page, a Kia lease deal can hold many advantages for you as a driver. Often drivers will say that having the freedom of a lease is liberating from the responsibility of vehicle ownership. Having that freedom to go wherever without needing to worry about constant upkeep remains an attractive value. To get a better understanding of your options between leasing vs. buying, follow the link on this page.

Lease deals are short affairs, meaning they have lifespans within the ballpark of two to three years. This means you can easily move from lease to lease when it's completed. However, what makes that even more enticing is that with the shorter term of a lease, you can get behind the wheel of a newer Kia model before everyone else. If you're interested in technology expansions, hardware upgrades, or new body designs, you can hop into one of these vehicles easily!

What Happens at the End of My Kia Lease Deal?

Much like with starting a lease, at its end, you have several options-which we'll dive into further when you speak with a member of our team. The most common option is to return your Kia car to the dealership that originally held the lease deal. If there's excessive wear and tear or you've gone over the mileage allotment, you may be held responsible for it. Once accounts are settled, you're free to move on.

Another option is to buy your Kia car outright. This is a great option if you've grown fond of your ride. When going this route, you'll be paying for the machine's residual value.

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